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About Perfume Fragrances

"GIZA PERFUMES" is the only Bulgarian site for Egyptian and Arabic concentrated perfume without alcohol (in the form of oil essence), glass artwork - perfume bottles and handmade Aroma-lamps of "Pyrex" glass. All products are Egyptian origin and guaranteed quality.
* Note: All trademarks are the property of their perfume houses. We are not related and do not represent any of them. Using the names of all brands is only for guidance.
Perfumes are broadly grouped into families. These families are key to the design of any perfume.Your reaction to each family will be emotional and individual. Professional perfumers have at their disposal approximately 3000 ingredients. The creation of a perfume can take up to 2 years and one single perfume can contain up to 300 ingredients.
Like a good story a well designed perfume needs a start, middle and an end.
We will simplify the explanation with 21 basic ingredient. You may wonder why Perfumes/Aftershaves always smell different after youve had them on a while. This is because the Fragrance develops in 3 stages. Consequently most fragrances are a mixture of:
They will provide initial impact - The initial, lighter smell of the fragrance, which lasts for around 8-15 minutes.
CITRUS Citrus notes in perfumes come with natural oils of lime, pamplemousse;
ORANGE Oil from both fruit and peel of ripe oranges giving a powerful and exhilarating impact.
BERGAMONT A sparkling citrus floral note with wood and green accords. Natural oils of Bergamot, Lime, and Lemon.
FRUIT This a truly mouthwatering tropical fruit fragrance containing oils of mango, apricot and peach as well as added natural greenness.
RED FRUIT A beautiful natural strawberry, raspberry plum complex with additional notes of currants and prune. Rich and fulsome. This fragrance adds strength and familiarity to your fruit variant fragrance design.
MARINE This fragrance whilst incorporating the fresh appeal of the popular marine accord has added life and dynamism through the use of sea weed absolute.
These will give in-use character - known as Heart notes This remains constant throughout use of the fragrance (hence the term heart note) and develops after the top note.
ALDEHYDE High impact fragrance for top and middle. Used in many of the worlds best selling perfumes. Coco Chanel, famously used almost 20% in Chanel 5. Gives lift to initial impact and a "clean" sensation in the body of the perfume.
JASMINE One of the most popular floral notes in perfumery. This fragrance is a stunning representation of the flower and its woody green environment.
ROSE One of the earliest, and still most popular perfumery ingredients. The rose fragrance which contains natural rose essence lands a beautiful combination of purity and presence to the top and middle of the perfume.
NEROLI Neroli fragrance is giving intensity and green freshness to the slightly fruity, citrus and woody accords. An excellent fragrance to add freshness and edge to your perfume.
MUGUET This fragrance exhibits the beautiful white floral smell of muguet (Lily of the Valley) with the added sophistication of other white floral complexes to provide a compelling new take on this extremely popular odour direction.
IRIS A powerful rich floral which gives top and middle notes classic distinction and combines lightly green notes to give a heady floral sophistication.
OAKMOSS Earthy, wet woody accord used to denote naturalness and outdoors freshness found in many fragrances.
SPICE A vibrating combination of pepper, clove, nutmeg with woody notes. A beautiful cardamom nuance gives an elegant and extremely innovative distinction to this fragrance.
They provide long lasting performance - also called fragrance notes This is the last to develop, and helps to fix the fragrance to the skin. This is where you will smell the woodier notes of the scent, which become more noticeable when the fragrance has been on the skin for a while.
PATCHOULI Warm woody, green earthy notes. Adds warmth and depth to a fragrance formula. As well as natural patchouli this fragrance contains traces of cedar, and sandalwood to give a distinction and a natural woody direction to your design.
SANDALWOOD A warm woody complex with oils of sandalwood, cedar and vetiver mixed with a smooth touch of powder. Natural and full at the same time.
CEDARWOOD This is an attention grabbing wood fragrance using the natural oils of sandalwood and cedar. A beautiful combination which gives a classic dry down of sophistication and distinction.
ORIENTAL This odour direction, so popular with perfumes of Guerlain, can be used subtly or with full force. Rich amber, preciouswoods and vanilla give a very heady, exotic sensuality which can dominate or, at lower concentrations, add intrigue to any perfume.
MUSK Warm woody, green earthy notes. Adds warmth and depth to a fragrance formula. As well as natural patchouli this fragrance contains traces of cedar, and sandalwood to give a distinction and a natural woody direction to your design.
AMBER A rich natural complex of ambergris, sandal, tonka beans, vanilla and balsams gives longevity and a full odour quality to your fragrance design. Exotic, rich, and sensual.
VANILLA A rich smooth powdery floral note gives full body to your perfume as well as giving a long lasting creamy, impact. A natural vanilla absolute.


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