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Perfume Oils Attars - Ittars

Ittar or Attar or Itr is a type of natural perfume extracted from flowers (such as jasmine, rose or lotus), herbs, spices, or barks in to base oil such as sandalwood oil. It is very popular in the Middle East, South Asia, and parts of Africa. Ittar is the most common form of concentrated perfume. Ittars are natural perfumes for daily use, and it is not injurious to health as alcohol can be and is suitable for both men and women. It contains about 20% to 50% concentrated perfume. It is a blend of various extracts and usually takes a period of about 5 to 10 years. The most well-known essential oil is probably Rose Ittar.
Since ancient times, many peoples have used ittars as a perfume. If you prefer natural products, ittar is a natural perfume in its truest form. Owing to natural origin it is suitable for all types skin. It is also useful in treating various skin diseases, various cosmetics, as it helps in improving skin tone and texture.
It was particularly popular with Mughal nobles of India. Jasmine ittar was the favourite perfume of the Nizams of Hyderabad state. It's customary practice in nobility to offer ittar to their guests at the time of their departure. The ittars are traditionally given in ornatetiny crystal cut bottles called as itardans. Because of its concentrated form, Ittar is sold in tiny bottles.
Most ittars are alcohol-free and are used by many Muslims, as one of the most beloved of materialistic things of this world to The Prophet Muhammad was ittar. They are also used among Hindu priests, and are offered as prasad and sprinkled on the devotees.

Modes of Uses
The Indian ittars in the past was used by the elite, particularly kings and queens. Also it is used in Hindu temples. Today it is used in numerous ways:
  1. Pan Masala and Gutka is the largest consumer of Indian ittars. The reason for using it is its extraordinary tenacity along with characteristic to withstand with tobacco note. The ittars used are Rose, Kewra, Mehndi, Hina, Shamama, Mitti, Marigold etc.
  2. Tobacco is smaller segment for ittar consumption as compared to above industry. The ittars used are mainly kewra & Rose. Along with Pan masala & Gutkha it contributes to more the 75% of ittar consumption.
  3. Betel nut is smaller segment for ittar consumption as compared to above two industry. The ittars used are mainly Kewra & Rose.
  4. It is used by many people as a personal perfume, particularly by Muslims due to absence of alcohol.
  5. Ittars have the application in pharmaceutical industry.
  6. Ittars of Rose & Kewra are used in traditional Indian sweets, for imparting flavour.
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